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We take great pride to deliver products that exude timeless quality.

At R&A Stairs, we manufacture wooden stair and railing components at our Newmarket facility. This allows us to supervise every aspect of production. Though we outsource the manufacturing of metal and glass components to our affiliates, our attention to detail is equally relentless.

Rail Profiles

At R&A Stairs, we offer a wide variety of railing. We guarantee that you will find a rail profile to suit every design taste.  We are able to customize our standard-sized rail profiles to suit individual preferences.  Give us a photo of your dream rail profile and we will manufacture a replica that exceeds your expectations. R&A Stairs will match your design and provide proto-types for your consideration and approval before actual production.  Should you dream of having a rail that fits comfortably in your palm’s grasp; we can do it.

Spindle Styles

Depending on your design preferences, you may choose from wooden and metal spindles or even consider glass panel-type detail. We manufacture traditional-turned spindles, taper-top spindles, square-turned spindles up to the most elaborate custom spindles. You dream it; we’ll build it.

Tread & Nosing Profiles

These two profiles go hand-in-hand.  Your choice of tread profile will determine the matching nosing profile. We manufacture both standard and custom (including over-sized) tread profiles. We carry a great selection from which you may choose.

Newel Post Styles

The elegance and sophistication of the newel post is undeniable. These are just a few examples of our newel posts: from square-type, recessed panel posts to typical ball-top, turned posts and everything in between. We have done so many different configurations of newel posts over the years that it is difficult to catalogue them all.

The beauty of your newel post is enhanced by the design elements that surround them—namely mouldings and baseboards, colour of the wall paint, height of the ceiling, the light fixtures, etc. In much the same way, the reverse is also true: the surrounding design elements are accentuated by the newel posts. It is for this very reason that we work closely with designers and architects to get to know all of the design elements to be used throughout the house. At R&A Stairs, we pull out every stop to ensure that the posts respect and reflect the designer’s intent.