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Saw-Tooth Detail #2

Fonthill Residence

Rustic Avant-Garde

 Located in the Niagara region, this project places a heavy emphasis on applying modern design values to a rural setting.  The stairs are a mixture of our saw-tooth detail across the top with waterfall detail along the bottom.  A 1″ air space off the walls gives the stairs a light “floating” effect.  The glass panels for the stair sections have been recessed directly into the engineered stringers while the panels across the floor sections have been mounted into base shoe tracks that have been recessed into and concealed by the flooring.  Mitered oak handrails have been mounted directly to the top of the glass panels to “cap” it all off.  


Mixture of saw-tooth and waterfall stair details


1" air space off walls


Glass panels recessed directly into engineered stringers and flooring


Flat cut white oak wood components.

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