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Mono Stringer Detail

Sandfield Residence

Open Living

A stylish mono stringer stair system with 3” box-style treads and glass panel railing system, mounted with round stainless-steel standoffs.  A unique aspect of this project is the glass bridge that overlooks the stair and living room below.  The open rise of the mono stringer stair along with the various glass elements coalesce into something greater that helps accomplish the open concept nature of the entire room, making it look larger and allowing light to pass unfettered to the further reaches of the residence.  The project also included stainless-steel glass mounted handrails installed at a later date (not pictured).


Mono stringer stair system with box-style treads


Glass panel railing with stainless-steel standoffs


Glass bridge overlooking the room below


All starphire glass (low-iron, ultra-clear)

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